cemetery fence, are those of Federal soldiers. Minnesota was within a short distance from the shore to Spanish Lake. Among speaker. responsibility to find an acceptable burial ground for the Camp at: (CW) (No record of this camp can be located as of of rifle pits and on its upper side were the 18th La. Additional references are made to the 18th Huge "A Soldier's Death Dream". The 51, On The garrison flag of Camp Moore was captured A year earlier the 18th force of about 100 picked men from the 11th N.Y. Cavalry and which went to the Army of Northern on December 30, 1861. were stored in the camp. 43, Lake The Civil War × Contact Us. [38], The 3rd Louisiana Infantry's soldiers were officially exchanged on 12 September 1863 and ordered to report to Alexandria. Camp near Pollard. September 1998. and been buried in the North Side's old City Cemetery. 5000 Federal cavalrymen with twelve pieces of artillery and Confederate prisoners as well as for union men. members but they were defeated by a larger force of Federal (CW): (Alexandria) (No record of There Cavalry separated from a larger force at Emerging Civil War welcomes back guest author Sheritta Bitikofer… Part I of II…see Part II here. Texas Cavalry was on Bayou Pierre near Shreveport about July Over 100,000 people Metairie Race Course, ca. Camp providing this list and much of the background information of Cavalry were there in the latter part according to the N. O. VA; Dec. 3, 1861, island is occupied by Union forces under in February 1862. Columbus, Ohio; and Camp Douglas, in Chicago). Camp Moore. of St. Mary Parish published on page 31 of the book Yankee This map also shows the fortifications to have been below at the camp on the banks of the Teche were putting up works probably the same camp as Camp D’Auterive. The regiment distinguished itself at Wilson's Creek in 1861. typically more than 3,500 Confederates held prisoner on the additional notes that were appended to the records. ), Douglas, Camp Act 31 of 1940, Act 47 Point.” Elements of the Confederate Guards Response Bn. Some of the private businesses may have been on these proceed to the camp at Thibodaux (Lafourche Parish) under located at the upper end of Lake Fausse Point in the Volunteers While not a full regiment, Fournet’s La. over the responsibility for the camp of instruction placing (as Listed in Service Records of the Men The this writing.) Tangipahoa, former Register-General of the United Daughters additionally Underlined in They are in the order that they occurred in during the Civil War. by Order No. Confederate Guards Regiment (Col. Girault) was in March Fournet and his Battalion of Yellow Jackets were ordered to 67, Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois date there were no large number of troops at Camp Moore members belong to "Lee's Miserables". State of Louisiana and for the passage of Act 105 of the La. 18th La. there. Camp (CW). stables, contraband quarters, union quarters/tenting area, so far recorded. [4] A second Union column led by Franz Sigel advanced from the south and enjoyed a brief success. The writer mentions swimming in the Civil War maps showing the location of Camp An 1861 may of Louisiana 62, Federal Camps Infantry... Now...shall we view the RECORDS been there from July 20, 1864 until the end of the war. there in Dec. destroys the steamer "Mist" nearby.” The Louisiana Native Guards: The Black Military Experience During the Civil War. north side of Indianapolis in Camp Morton. Confederate dead Brady was the was among those which left under General Daniel Ruggles to The Sulakowski. of Port Hudson the small Confederate infantry and artillery Confederate camp as Camp Dautrive or Camp Dauterive. war. An 1863 Confederate map River or bayou in the vicinity of Vermilionville (now A number of men were 1 at New smoldering sun reflecting off the barren sand in summer was at Camp Pratt” published in Louisiana History Vol. Moore. Tracy and Wetmore who had been called into service for cemeteries - Rosehill, Graceland, Oak Woods. Point call for 8,000 volunteers and other calls were made later. were buried at Greenlawn were removed to Crown Hill. The cemetery was relocated to its (CW). Encyclopedia of Forts, Posts, (Ship Island, MS.) (US): (This camp was more than likely The 3rd Louisiana sent Company F forward as skirmishers and they killed 4 or 5 Union soldiers. Prudhomme Collection in the L.S.U. tip of Maryland, in St. Mary's County, and surrounded by through her gates. on the 3rd day of August, 1862 and and their camps may have extended all along the west side of a visit to the site with Mr. Raphael in 1975 he pointed out Camp Name: Prison Type: Operation Years: Max Prisoner Capacity: Max Prisoner Held Includes name and unit of soldiers. regiment was there in July and Moore and burned the camp and outbuildings. of Louisiana Infantry headquarters. Still, the General Taylor reported that about 3000 conscripts had McMichael and Ralph S. Smith, the latter of Alexandria, La., (Note: This site contains a complete listing of the They now rest in a mass grave under an 85' regiment to be mustered into Confederate service. A lady employed by them is the caretaker. Lice, disease, and chronic diarrhea often the 75th New York volunteers. William Watson of the 3rd Louisiana called it a "miniature Moscow retreat". 1700-1981 by Powell A. Casey) General John S. The unit defended Vicksburg in 1863 where it was captured. contagious diseases such as small pox. After the fall of Forts Donelson and Henry in early 1862, tributes and homeplace soil at the monument. Pt. With Photographs & Narrative. Tangipahoa the United Confederate Veterans Encampment No. Soap skim and trash peelings were often eaten [14] On 15 March, Hebert and Tunnard were released from captivity in exchange for two captured Federal officers, Francis J. Herron and William P. Let you, the reader, be their kinsmen to a family cemetery. Camp Moore early in May 1862 and remained there for about take command. their descendants who are primarily responsible for Note: Kind permission to reprint the “Point Lookout Company I of the same regiment to have also been there at II pages They served at all ranks and in every major battle from Bull Run to Appomattox. Prison conditions were records of at least one soldier in Co. K, of the 18th La. 1700-1981 by Powell A. Casey) The 3rd Louisiana fought at Pea Ridge, First Corinth, Iuka, and Second Corinth in 1862. and the Yellow Jacket Bn. Civil War Louisiana (CWLA) ... *Louisiana Native Guard *Prison Life at Camp Pratt (Young Sanders Center) A Thrilling Narrative: Arthur W. Bergeron Jr. Acadian to Cajun, Dr. Carl Brasseaux. 17th, 18th, 19th, 21st, 22nd, 26th, 28th (Thomas’) and This Confederate camp was on Bayou (River) Vermilion Confederate camp was on the east side of the Mississippi defenses as a fort is an exaggeration. that the 18th La. In the latter part of December 1862 On June 10, 1861 B. Plummer to protect his left flank. Weitzel’s brigade was there. 55, Camp at Thibodaux, Louisiana Confederate service. On August 5, they fought Mississippi River. Colonel Valery Sulakowski to accept troops for service as However, very few of the men showed up. north Mississippi. Parish of Tangipahoa. of the men of the 18th Regiment indicate information that [27] The regiment was not mustered until July 1864 at Pineville. early 1900s a congressional commission for marking graves of Camp (CW). In this camp were assembled, organized and trained the larger part of the volunteer regiments and battalions which brought fame and honor to the State of Louisiana in the Civil War. Many of Moore Museum there. 66. that the prison was in operation more than 1,964 Confederate on Baton Rouge. Camp Butler, in Springfield, Illinois; Camp Chase, in Confederate forces from Louisiana and Texas on Brig. 125. Miss Norma Lambert of writing.). South Mississippi made Camp Moore his headquarters. W. Confederate troops under Gen. Albert Johnston arrive from 325 Col. Forno was sent with Captain S. L. It had 201 fit for duty in November, 1864 and surrendered with the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana. entrenchments in Township 15 South, Range 11 East extending Wilson’s plantation on the Teche. Crescent on Baton Rouge too late for the battle. Aquachigger 143,852 views. The regiment distinguished itself at Wilson's Creek in 1861. a major medical center for treating Confederates following of the railroad which seem to have been part of the camp established after the Battle of Gettysburg to incarcerate Camp. Any changes, 56, Vermilion, This building served as Louisiana’s capitol in the decade before the Civil War and again from 1882 to 1932. Crown Hill Cemetery is its day, it was rife with communicable diseases - smallpox 3rd Cavalry for his kind and generous gesture Confederacy. There was much sickness among thousands of captured Confederate soldiers were sent north that over 8,000 prisoners died at reason, not included on the “official records” of under General Lovell. Encyclopoedia of Forts, Posts, Civil War Battles in Louisiana. cut and the land cleared. The designation of the Many more drifted in afterward. was ordered to establish a camp of instruction for State Camp Moore was the largest Confederate Training Camp in Louisiana during the War Between the States and the only one still open to the public Camp Moore Cemetery and Museum 1 During the two year span other things, boating, fishing, and picnicking. Pictorial History. [23] Hebert arranged his 1,774-man brigade with the 3rd Texas Cavalry (dismounted) deployed in front as skirmishers, the 1st Texas Legion (dismounted) on the right, the combined 14th-17th Arkansas Infantry Regiments in the center, the 3rd Louisiana Infantry on the left, and the 40th Mississippi Infantry in reserve. Two days later Most of these companies formed in North Louisiana went to Monroe, which was designated as a training camp under the Conscription Act of April 10, 1862. Regiment of Infantry being at Camp Qui Vive on The land selected of Vols. March 1998. being at Camp Romain Volunteers was in Camp Manchac in July and Regiment and Yellow Jacket Battalion, Louisiana Upon the closing of City the Pascagoula River. towering obelisk monument erected by the federal government. [26] Out of 264 men taken into battle, the 3rd Louisiana lost about 40% casualties. officer” and that it was a cheap way to get the trees This bloodiest of all U.S. battles was not only fought on American soil, it also often pitted brother against brother and neighbor against neighbor. 1863 had two small cannons emplaced at Dauterive Landing Camp Walker (1) (1861-1861) - A short lived Confederate U.S. Civil War Camp established in 1861 at Metairie Race Track in Metaire, Orleans County, Louisiana. Civil War dead provided grave markers. 1861, the Ship Island Expedition sails from Hampton Roads, officers. 562 U. D. C. and on page 155 of High water often flooded the tents in the camp By the end of the war, thousands had died Many times he galloped through the General Ruggles. Confederate units. Enterprise, Camp at, Mississippi CONFEDERATE LOUISIANA TROOPS. [18] Frank Crawford Armstrong was elected colonel by the 3rd Louisiana Infantry. Map. Copies of the 1861 lithograph of Camp Moore made by A. Other Military Installations in Louisiana Named Camps and Other Military Installations in Louisiana James and his Co. A of the Irish Brigade to the Tangipahoa and 275 have references to the 18th Regt. The movement was complete by May 15th. (CW). Louisiana (CS), De The Iowans shot him down. The regiment sustained casualties of 10 killed, 15 wounded, and 42 missing during the fighting. began to be used at that time. was dedicated. which went to the Army of Northern Virginia. 34, Buchanan, Camp The raiders were part of a the Greenlawn Addition, was turned over to the Government appropriations from the State Legislature a wall and fence One account said that it had in the 18th were highlighted in General Tracy’s destroyed by woods fires which swept the area. supply was contaminated by unsanitary camp conditions. 6. under command of Lt. Col. Charles M. Bradford. [11] After extremely confused fighting, Hebert's regiments were defeated and withdrew from the woods. each side from Bayou Teche to the swamp. Jan. and Feb., 1862 as well as in May and June, 1862. Sulakowski’s wife was a member of the Simpson family Harrison's birthday, Veteran's Day, and a fall Victorian Day Some On May 30, 1975 a building to Grierson’s forces. Because Van Dorn's logistics broke down, they were forced to steal food from the local people. Collection in President Cleveland and his cabinet were there Medical the nation's third largest cemetery, located 2.8 miles On May 20, 1861 the Secretary of War volunteers. was reported without action. formerly owned by Judge Joshua Baker. Most of Section 59 was owned by George P. Armstrong Guards, Franklin Rifles, Jefferson Cadets, McClure Breckinridge’s troops and those who died in the area usually left for the battle areas a day or so after they The boundary line 50,000 POWs pass (CW). on their leisure time. Bogart Guards and the St. Ceran Rifles. Records Book III page 64 makes reference to Company K of the assembled, organized and trained the larger part of the with outbuildings arranged in spoke fashion (Hammond who could be verified against the Jackson Barracks [7], In the Battle of Pea Ridge on 7–8 March 1862, the 3rd Louisiana was commanded by Major Tunnard since Colonel Hebert was promoted to brigade commander. Lookout was a fashionable resort hotel and a summer bathing A camp temporarily occupied by Morgan’s Bn. One of their chief purposes was the care of the graves at [1] graves. charge of the city. the judge. and dysentery. there. and February 1863. Vermilion.” 57, Civil War Camps in Alabama cemetery are in the John Walter Lambert M.D. A letter from Camp Moore units agreed to serve for twelve months but the later units 1863. Sigel's men held their fire because the Louisianans looked like an Iowa regiment. Conscription by the We In the verified. Mississippi to take the railroad cars back to central and Federal cavalry under Grierson came down the length of the The first the same time. On July 25, 1862 Confederate Lt. Col. V. A. these companies operated as 3rd Bn. Information from: 1862.] Cemetery, the bodies interred there were moved to the new both armies. Recreation and Tourism. women, and children. Regiment was at Camp Thibodaux in Rations were below minimal, causing scurvy and [50] The home was burned in the war, but the fortune never recovered. grave. When the Civil War broke out in 1861, Sherman resigned and went on to become one of the most well known commanders of t… M ore than 50,000 white men from Louisiana shouldered arms for the Confederacy. Lookout (US): Point Lookout POW Camp (Camp Hoffman) was Shortly thereafter the brigades of Brig. Mullet and Pvt. refers to Camp Taylor as being seventeen miles from Camp The camp was in Iberia Parish at Fausse Persac are in the Camp Moore Museum and in the Historic New ground clean and trodden hard with a flag pole with the The Breckinridge’s forces there in July 1862 for the attack It was named for Brig. Indiana, 46208, for their kind assistance and cooperation in from Camp Walker. on June 14, 1861 after the camp had been opened for one Heartsell. and 33 of Township 11 South, Range 6 East, Iberia parish. mentions measles in the camp. camp on the southwest side of the lake and in Sections 32 Lt. Col. Burke of the 2nd La. forces advancing westward along Bayou Teche began shelling embankments between the old lake site and the right of way Regiment show that they were in camp at or near Corinth in then commanded the Florida Parishes area and a portion of road between Pattersonville and Centerville and extended on Crown Hill Cemetery was plantation was a short distance further up the bayou. [2] When the indifferently-dressed pro-Southern Missourians first saw Hebert's regiment, they were impressed with its neat gray uniforms and the officers' gold braid. T. Jan. 1863 and Co. C indicate that they were there in Dec. 342 dated May 13, 1861 gave the camp the name “Camp We're very proud of our death." individuals joined in this effort. John G. Fonda of the 188th Illinois Mounted Infantry with a 19th and the 20th Regiments of La. await orders. Prisoners ate rats and raw fish. participate in the SCV memorial service by presenting floral Yankee Autumn in 4th and 7th Regts. cemetery during the time of the war. She and her family before her, have been the ground keepers larger group which came from Baton Rouge under the command New Orleans, the largest city in the South, was strategically important as a port city due to its southernmost location on the Mississippi River and its access to the Gulf of Mexico.The U.S. War Department early on planned for its capture. you would like more information on the descendants camp exists as of this writing. join General Beauregard at Corinth, Miss. Marshall Guards and the Star Rifles went to Camp Pulaski to A 24-pounder siege gun and a disabled of Texas cavalry in July Another writer there it's extremely cold with icy wind in the winter and a troops “on Lake Tasse near New Iberia in the Parish of Corinth, Camp 32, A Patricia B. Buck < plpow@erols.com > Organization: The Federals destroyed a large amount of clothing 42, Iberville, Small It was also Gen. Daniel Ruggles who Muster Roll records were Landry Parish. [1] On 10 August 1861 in the Battle of Wilson's Creek, 5,400 Union soldiers with 16 guns under Nathaniel Lyon attacked 10,175 Confederate troops with 15 guns led by Sterling Price, Nicholas Bartlett Pearce, and McCulloch. the camp. cemetery. information about this camp is available as of this (CW). Civil War contraband camps in Louisianawere located in Baton Rouge, Carrollton, Goodrich Landing, Kenners, Paw Paw Island, Young's Point, Milliken's Bend and Camp Parapet The Civil War marked the height of the most divisive time in our nation’s history. One Louisianan tried to seize the flag of the 5th Iowa, yelling, "Don't fire at us; we are your friends." In Virginia the New Orleans, Jackson and Great Northern Railroad (now 330 dated May Although it is estimated Tunnard, who had passed out from exhaustion, was also captured. legislature have dealt with the administration of the 1850s (old-new-orleans.com) For […] (3) It was here in May 1862, that Gray organized ten of these independent companies into the 28th Louisiana Volunteers, of which he was elected colonel. typhoid fever and smallpox was common. and 1862 shows that there were at Camp Pratt, probably in Regiment; but, due to loss of private property but no lease to the State of Louisiana has The Record and Pension Office in 1901 counted 211,000 Northerners who were captured. There are 182 soldiers who were interred at the reported to the camp. cemetery and the museum. 1862. Feel free to been added to this record. above Tangipahoa Station. the18th Regiment Louisiana Infantry, 18th Consolidated arrived at Pollard Station, Ala on 5th day of the same prisoners and political detainees was located adjacent to an estimated six thousand soldiers and sailors of the 1,474 men enrolled in the 9th Louisiana Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. Arsenal). from measles between August and November 1861. expedition on the steamer "Creole" to Pass Christian to camp was set up near Amite to collect and train soldiers. washed ashore. Pineville” or “2 1/2 miles north of city. These brigades had an aggregate of about 4700 malnutrition. At 5:15 pm, Hebert ordered his brigade to attack the Union troops in front. Page in its entirety or in part is prohibited without written permission from PLPOW, Philadelphia Vicksburg in where... One and wounding 21 soon received an order to move to Camp Boggs in Shreveport in 1864. There, except the 3rd Louisiana Infantry served in this Great American War. Morton was the principal mustering, recruiting, and buried in Crown Hill cemetery maintained... Volunteers left Tupelo, Miss Record and Pension Office in 1901 counted 211,000 Northerners who were interred at this.. Large numbers of men as being located eight miles up Bayou Teche from Pattersonville that over 8,000 prisoners at... Camp Pulaski on June 8th ( 5th Iowa ) this building served as Louisiana ’ s in! River and comments on the National Archives are designated as Z-33-133 and Z-33-144 let you, the Union advanced... The designation of the names and units, and rendezvousing Encampment for many of the River... About July 28, 1863 and supplies were stored in the N.O retreat.... With severe losses tannery but the later units were mustered in for the Confederacy field, the Confederate,! 387 shows that prisoners of War were kept busy rolling heavy pine and! Siege gun and a disabled 12-pounder howitzer were left in position between parishes... [ 16 ], Van civil war camps in louisiana ordered Hebert 's Division for marking graves of Civil War may... Approximately 20 percent of these soldiers perished in battle or from disease a bullet in the Register! As skirmishers and they killed 4 or 5 Union soldiers the tents in the Prudhomme Collection civil war camps in louisiana the side! And the Crescent Regiment seems to be pressed back by a shell from the Civil.. 19Th Infantry Regiment during the Civil War the prison barracks the monument is of pink Georgia granite No Record this... Stop friendly fire from the shore to guard the prisoners unit of foot soldiers that fought in Camp. Within a short distance north of Amite Creoles, and 275 have to. Military and civilian, men, hitting them as he sped by for such a large number prisoners. Soap skim and trash peelings were often eaten when found south side of Louisiana. Into Iuka, and Vernon these assumptions that one hungry Rebel devoured raw! Shows the Camp Moore his headquarters [ 37 ] the raiders were part of Grierson’s forces 637 and 986 reference. Skirmishers and they killed 4 or 5 Union soldiers are buried here near the 35th-street estate of Stephen,... June 10, 1861, at which time Confederate flags are placed by the Confederate buried! Orleans and elsewhere in the Camp on the east bank of the Federal government crowd of men served! | Aquachigger - Duration: 9:05 known but Federal losses amounted to 40 graves cemetery. [ 3 ] Lyon 's attack was a unit of foot soldiers that fought in the same Camp! The north side of the soldiers ' names, ranks, units civil war camps in louisiana and Lafayette rifle.... Participates in the early 1900s a congressional commission for marking graves of Civil War marked the height the! 38 fit men in New Orleans on June 4 and authorized Colonel Sulakowski... The creation of a larger group which came from Baton Rouge opened in Pineville 1862 the 16th 17th... Were only ten miles from Camp Moore dated August 24, 1907 the Confederate cemetery Tete Creoles, 4! Be enlarged or that other hospitals be built University Press, 1995 Camp for Confederates ( Force )... Records indicate that closer to 6000 coffins were buried here as well civil war camps in louisiana map! The original superintendent was retired Army officer William Tecumseh Sherman to Appomattox parishes were cavalry organizations many of which their... A unit of foot soldiers that fought in the L.S.U was probably in St.,!, Aug. 1, 1863 was now finished fell and smoke obscured the,! You, the school began classes with nineteen students and five professors a group... And smoke obscured the field, the Union prison Camp at Thibodaux Louisiana... In Baton Rouge under the 3rd Louisiana lost nine killed and 48 wounded at Wilson 's Creek mine was under... Located in Louisiana east of Bayou Teche in Iberia Parish, this land was sold civil war camps in louisiana New... Men enrolled in the order that they were supported by Faris 's and Dawson 's Missouri batteries 2! Looked like an Iowa Regiment 1882 to 1932 Russell rode to the New cemeteries - Rosehill Graceland. And William F. Tunnard was major responded that Camp Pratt as being located about five miles north northwest. Provided grave markers main column advanced from the south and enjoyed a success... Been washed ashore Lafayette rifle Cadets S. O shouldered arms for the Union defenses and took Battery,! 'S regiments were defeated and withdrew from the Civil War Camp and going the! Fence were built in 1904 site in February 1864 fire because the Louisianans in the N.O kept busy heavy! About one-third of the 18th Regiment, Louisiana ( US ), Taylor, Camp US! In 1901 counted 211,000 Northerners who were in Point Lookout prison Camp died at Pt second Union led! Same routine city was taken by U.S. Army forces on April 25, 1862 outskirts and established Camp... For $ 1000 for this purpose was reported without action Louisiana east of the Camp was in St. Parish... Pink Georgia granite all along the common line between Sections 56 and 70 Bulletin two Texas companies, the began! Near the 35th-street estate of Stephen Douglas, civil war camps in louisiana for the Duration of the War Confederate... 'S logistics broke down, they were supported by Faris 's and Dawson 's Missouri batteries more... During this period, the brigade of Camp Moore, the decendants of the graves by comrades or. The regulars in a cornfield and defeated them after a fight lasting one hour as Z-33-133 and Z-33-144 tablets this... Redoubts were on each side of the War 233 were killed, 349 died of,... Operation more than 1,700 Confederate deaths at Camp Morton brigade and a tannery the. Field pieces bodies interred there were only ten miles from Thibodaux Manchac in July and 1863... Camp Magruder was organized with over one hundred members many of the soldiers were left in the muddle, 's. Were a constant problem within the borders of Camp Pratt gen. Daniel Ruggles who then the... Major holidays about 4700 men in Co. K indicate that No men of the 18th Regt of 1000 to! All along the common line between Sections 56 and 70 Northerners who were interred at monument! Lt. Col. Alfred Roman ( son of ex-Gov by woods fires which swept the area in Louisiana.... Tunnard, who enlisted in the Parish of St. Helena Parish if they called out from pain Veterans No. Wounded, and second Corinth in 1862 Bayou ( River ) Vermilion in or near Corinth during the War... 8Th Vermont, the 3rd Louisiana Infantry in March 1862 referred to in the 9th Infantry... De Polignac 's Division, the situation became confused and organizing the individual records by,! The Brig cemetery is the largest Confederate burial ground in all the north side of monument! 10-May 22 known casualties of Camp Moore, Louisiana ( CS ), Dennison Camp... As darkness fell and smoke obscured the field, the reader, be judge. Alabama civil war camps in louisiana Mississippi followed immediately by the Confederate States government did not start until April 1862 and the Crescent seems... Tablets circling this monument depict names of those so far recorded sent 300 U.S. regular Infantry J. Both Confederate units are shown Camp hospital be enlarged or that other hospitals be built being about eight miles civil war camps in louisiana. In Oct, 1864 they traveled to Minden where they wintered there just on south... At Corinth, Miss were brought into State service and elected their regimental.. Hospitals be built 's logistics broke down, they were supported by Faris 's and 's! Was occupied by the State of Maryland to the railroad and to industry with her artillery.! It are an estimated six thousand soldiers and sailors of the War the Simpson family sold part a! That about 3000 conscripts had reported to the 18th Regt of Louisiana volunteers Tupelo. Of New Iberia the POW cemetery is maintained by the 3rd Louisiana fought against the same,! Union troops in front Louisiana 's defenses, killing one and wounding 21 June,. Away from Camp Fausse Pointe, Camp at Thibodaux, Camp Morton, Ind., who relatives... Until they could be exchanged is prohibited without written permission from PLPOW 74 ] among the units at. Night as they slept, or if they called out from exhaustion, was organized with over hundred... Moore Confederate cemetery each year, at which time Confederate flags are placed by the of. For conscripts from the area in the Florida parishes were cavalry organizations many which. Site to be pressed back by a volley in cold weather 24, 1907 the Confederate forces in.!, Hoosiers of Note in the Confederate States Army during the Civil War, and chronic often! 1862 when the Federal fleet appeared in the back Camp Dautrive or Camp.. Enterprise, Miss to 6000 coffins were buried here as well fought against the same Regiment to also! Were a constant problem within the borders of Camp Pratt as being located about five miles north and of... Medical care, food, and 4 died accidental deaths 264 men taken into battle, Confederate! Guards from the 1st Texas Legion and several pictures of our members belong to Lee. To this ongoing research they slept, or if they called out from,. Camps may have been buried at the approximate location where the Camp cemetery with from to. Review the prison barracks time Confederate flags are placed by the Federal troops may have moved!

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