What To Do After A Bike Accident And Crash. Make sure you take the following steps after a bike accident to protect yourself. If you’re not sure what compensation you’re due, it’s easy to accept a low settlement that doesn’t cover the costs of your injuries and other losses. Seek Medical Attention. Assess Injuries and Get Out of Harm’s Way These include your hospital bills, property damage, and other expenses. However, accidents can … What to do After a Bike Accident. Don’t even worry about determining whose fault the collision was. What to do After a Bike Accident. This will start off an investigation. Search. When a bicyclist collides with a moving vehicle, the outcome can often be catastrophic. What to do after a bike accident is call the police, talk to witnesses, and take pictures. Have several photos taken of your injuries as soon as possible after the accident. Bicycle Safety and Advocacy On the national level, Bike Law is a legal partner with USA Cycling and we support the League of American Bicyclists and People for Bikes . After a bike accident, tensions might run high, but it is important to remember several key tips after the collision. Understanding what to do in the aftermath of a collision can play a huge role in your ability to protect your rights as well as your ability to recover financial restitution. Assess your injuries and, if you are seriously hurt, call 999 for an ambulance. If you are alone and have a cell phone, contact someone to let them know what has happened and have them send help. Regrettably, many accident victims will often choose to quickly settle a case because of mounting medical bills. It is encouraged that accident victims take pictures of the damages for safekeeping and not send damaged materials to anyone else but his or her attorney. In the event that you are unable to collect this information because of your injuries, you can ask a bystander to do so for you. Many cyclists assume they are okay, stand up, only to bend over again in pain. Even a relatively minor accident on a bike can be harrowing and dangerous. Before trying to cycle again, you should make sure that you can move … 2. What you do in the immediate aftermath of any accident, including a bike accident, may have a big impact on how much you recover for your injuries and . When you’re seriously injured, your next steps may be vital when it comes to getting compensated fairly. It can also affect your lawsuits and other legal processes. Even if your injuries don’t seem severe, you should always get them checked out by your trusted physician. Most importantly, consult with an auto accident lawyer. Free Consultation. You may have an injury, a mangled bike, and scattered belongings in the road. This is a crucial step that should never be overlooked, even if the injuries appear to be minor. Get your bike checked. For example, you may have been injured in a multi-vehicle accident, which can be difficult to untangle. Most accidents aren’t very serious; however, each accident underscores the importance of a few first aid items like bandages, band-aids, and a splint. If you are involved in an accident, try to remain calm and remember to do the following. A vehicle or structure that is on fire. The first thing you want to do is wash the wound out as well as you can – unless you managed to fall on hardwood floors (velodrome? Then they will determine the fault. Obtaining … For cyclists involved in such an incident, they are often unsure of what to do after a bike accident. Soct Moga Offers 100% Confidential and No Obligation Consultations. Call an Ambulance. When and at what time the incident occurred. 4704 E. Southern Avenue | Mesa, Arizona 85206. The fact that you have pursued medical aid will serve as evidence that you have been injured, and established medical reports will document the extent of your injuries. As soon as you are able to, it is important to make a detailed note of the events that led to the incident. © 2020 Kohan & Bablove, LLP. Your economic damages cover all the financial losses you’ve suffered because of your injuries. Here’s everything you need to do after a bike accident. List of Things You Should do After Motorcycle Accident. But what do you do next? In most cases, you should call the police. For additional information, seek for a personal injury lawyer advice. Maybe it was with a vehicle on the road. With this helpful guide, you can follow the right course of action and receive the compensation you deserve. What To Do After A Bike Accident. When being involved in an accident, many accident victims fail to recognize their own injuries. Whether in the mountains, in the woods or in specially built hill parks: mountain biking is the trend. PROPER SAFETY COULD PREVENT A BIKE ACCIDENT. Mr. Moga is not just a lawyer, but also an avid cyclist and bike enthusiast. When an collision / accident between a moving vehicle and a bike happens, the aftermath can involve various highly complex legal challenges. The report also serves as a physical document, which is a key piece of evidence in the claims process. Then turn your evidence over to lawyers 215-642-2335. Upland, CA 91786. What to Do After a Bike Accident: 10 Things You Can Do. damage to your bike. What to do if you are in a bike crash, why we don't say bicycle accident or bike accident, how to ride safely, and more. Understanding what to do in the aftermath of a collision can play a huge role in your ability to protect your rights as well as your ability to recover financial restitution.

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