My journey

Life circumstances brought me to International Relations, which has remained a fascinating discipline for me till these days. I teach at Charles University (since 2005) and at Metropolitan University Prague (since 2007). My area of expertise is global terrorism, global governance and conflict resolution in International Relations. One day, during one of my lectures I arrived at a simple but at the same time ground-breaking idea that it is impossible to establish a happy, stable and a harmonious society without having happy, stable and harmonious individuals first!

And so it began…I realized that the way towards inner fulfillment and societal harmony does not pass through endless construction of systems but through fulfillment, equilibrium and harmony in each one of us, individual human beings. I will never forget the day when my favorite discipline of International Relations made me realize that we first need to solve individual relations, especially relations we have with ourselves, because everything else evolves from there. The importance of this revelation was in understanding that everything that happens to us is simply a consequence of our thinking and acting. We are the architects of everything that happens to us in our lives and therefore we bear full responsibility for our conduct. Everything is in our hands and is based on our thoughts, acts and demeanor. We are the creators of our own reality. With this understanding in mind, we become original architects of our lives. As long as we understand that we can have everything we want, the only thing we need to know is how to get it. Then, naturally, our immediate environment changes too, which then affects a wider society. Everything is subject to change and progress and we can rest assured that we all aspire for complete spiritual awakening.