The principle of calm mind and inner balance

Balance is the principle of the entire universe. It is a prerequisite for feeling in harmony with ourselves, with our behavior, our attitudes and our direction in life. It is not possible to create balance without harmony and vice versa. We can naturally discover balance in ourselves if we calm down our troubled minds.
Peace of mind is an entrance gate to who we naturally are. Journey towards calming down our mind and hence towards our inner balance is a process, which at first requires effort, but in time, that effort will naturally go way and will no longer be necessary. Everyone, who is sufficiently motivated, has a resolve and is not afraid of obstacles, can experience freedom as a result of having a calm mind. In time, we will realize that we have embarked on the most adventurous journey with the greatest personal value.
If we master the art of first controlling and then freeing our mind for the purpose of giving peace to our thoughts, we will undergo a very important transformation in our lives.


My approach

I engage in a thorough process of freeing our thinking from disquieting thoughts and by giving the right direction to our thoughts.
We can draw endless energy from having a calm mind. We can achieve self-confidence, control the never-ending monologue of our thoughts. We will become more patient and we will realize that everything has one big purpose which is always helpful for our inner growth. This will gradually lead us towards a complete inner lighteness of being.
By mastering the process of calming down our mind, we can become content, we can feel good and understand the meaning of our journey in life. Calming down our mind encompasses everything. If we learn how to handle our mind, we will grasp the meaning of our existence.