That makes them great. Kings majority owner Vivek Ranadive has some interesting strategic thoughts on the game of basketball. I never touched a basketball, didn't know what a layup was. "I move more information on our backbone in a day than Twitter moves in a month," he says. In 2009, Malcolm Gladwell wrote about Ranadivé in The New Yorker, detailing how a man who had never touched a basketball disrupted the youth game while coaching his daughter… Our team parents were our biggest fans who supported us at every game. "We're building a new arena, which I personally guaranteed, and we're off to a great start. In the 20th-century business world, corporations were structured and predictable like a Sousa marching band. We had to play a full-court press, the entire game. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. They have faith in their ability to choose, create and dream. The investors paid a record $450 million and Ranadive, the math guy, wanted to make a return on that. "It can be played in cities, it can be played in villages. - and realized speed was our advantage. In Ranadive's words they were "little blond girls" who are the daughters of scientists and lawyers. Using his big data skills, and a team of coders that worked for Tibco, he built a social networking app for fans. 'I would love to bring basketball, Bollywood, fashion and cricket together', says Vivek Ranadive - Indian-American businessman Vivek Ranadive, Sacramento Kings owner, talks about bringing basketball to India and scope of game in country. They will connect with customers much more intimately. The companies that win are finding new, innovative ways of providing for their customers and turning them into fans. This would spark a love for the game that would eventually have him owning two professional teams, including beating out Steve Ballmer to buy the Sacramento Kings in May and, before that, beating out Larry Ellison to buy the Warriors. And in 2010, he was a basketball fan and jumped at a chance to join a team of investors buying the Golden State Warriors. Tibco CEO Vivek Ranadive grew up in Mumbai, India, and had never touched a basketball in his life when he volunteered to coach his 12-year-old daughter's team in 2009. I did, and do, know how to run a business, however. Exhibit an unshakable belief in people and they don’t want to let you down. He’s a humble, brilliant person with a giving soul. When Ranadivé becomes the coach of his daughter Anjali ’s basketball team, he decides to behave as he would at work—in a calm, measured manner. Attitude is everything. We had two experienced players, but the rest of the team, like me, had never played the game. It’s not enough for companies to just collect data. Related: The Top 10 Lessons Learned in the Trenches of Startup Year 1. The companies that take the unorthodox approach can break through and succeed. He asked him to buy the team and leave it in Sacramento. He plans to have a similar impact on the world of basketball. We played more like an improvisational jazz band, agile, quick and adaptable to changes, resulting in a beautifully orchestrated force. We developed a math equation that would ensure we would win every time. When it comes to winning, speed is everything. Related: What My Father's Early Departure Taught Me About Business. Anjali is a twenty-four year old musician who has had the likes of French Montana and Tyga featured on her songs. SACRAMENTO — Vivek Ranadive, the controlling owner of the Sacramento Kings, is a true believer. Jazz musicians are often more courageous than other musicians. I wanted to spend more time with my daughter, so I foolishly volunteered,"he told Business Insider with a laugh. That also makes a great company. Ranadive's vision is based on reading the future of basketball businesses and creating computing solutions in India. Tibco CEO Vivek Ranadive grew up in Mumbai, India, and had never touched a basketball in his life when he volunteered to coach his 12-year-old daughter's team in 2009. In Chapter 1 of "David and Goliath," Gladwell brings up a story about a man Vivek Ranadive, the coach for his daughter Anjali's basketball team. It is no longer a struggle, if you have the right tools. Vivek Ranadive transformed the business world with his real-time technology. There’s a growing competition in every industry. Vivek Ranadive is determined to return the Kings back to that throne. They learned the roles they each needed to play in this equation. But a coach can’t just force players to buy into such a system. "That first day, I was terrified I was going to make a fool of myself. Why have so few adopted it? That I saw to be a missed opportunity. She is also quite the … For starters, I never raised my voice at the girls. Sometimes, the inspiration to improve your business can be found no further away than your local basketball gym. Vivek Ranadive (second from left) shares his ideas with with Kings coach Michael Malone. You don’t have to look to business gurus or books for the Holy Grail. Anjali's basketball team wasn't experienced like other basketball teams, they couldn't shoot, or dribble. Unlike most franchise owners, Vivek Ranadive’s passion for the sport came at a very late age. (Rich Pedroncelli/AP Photo) ... the girls on Ranadive’s daughter… When Vivek Ranadivé decided to coach his daughter Anjali’s basketball team, he settled on two principles. Good employees will do good work for you, regardless. Through conditioning, we were a low-latency team. Motivated and appreciated employees will do truly great work. NEW ORLEANS -- Few people, if any, have a stronger desire to see the sport of basketball flourish in India than Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive. And it's worth many times more [than what we paid]," he says. This is especially difficult, though, because he knows very little about basketball. He became the team's vice chairman. The girls didn’t come from athletic families. Even on a ragtag team, everyone has a role to play and every one is vital to its success. We had to play in real time. That's why he joined another investor group led by business magnates Mark Mastrov and Ron Burkle, who were trying to buy the Kings. The result is beautiful music. Several years ago I took on the challenge of coaching my daughter’s middle school basketball team. Vivek Ranadive wanted to spend more time with his daughter. I wanted to spend more time with her, and the team was without a coach. This was National Junior Basketball--the Little League of basketball. The first was that he would never raise his voice. Underdogs have to think outside the box. A single father to three children, he volunteered to coach a middle school girls basketball team, in hopes of spending more time with his daughter … Companies that do this well, and fast, have a leg-up on their competitors. Turn customers into fans. Related: What Being Punched in the Face Taught Me About Business. Vivek Ranadivé decided to coach his daughter Anjali’s basketball team although he knew nothing about basketball. I was pleasantly surprised, as were the girls, to find what helped me succeed in business worked to the basketball court, and vice versa. With Big Data, the amount of information companies can glean from their customers is huge. A few years back, Ranadivé was asked to coach his 12-year-old daughter’s basketball team, even though he knew nothing of the game. However, majority team owner Vivek Ranadive's daughter is a sight for sore eyes - for both Kings and non-Kings fans. VIVEK Ranadive was married to his wife, Deborah Addicott, but they divorced at an unknown time. [1] But he was sharp. Basketball "is a sport that lends itself to that," Ranadive said of the globalization effort. Once a fan signed up, "I own you, I know who you are, what you look like, what your household looks like, when you are sitting at game. What Being Punched in the Face Taught Me About Business, The Top 10 Lessons Learned in the Trenches of Startup Year 1, What the NFL Taught Me About Being a Motivated Entrepreneur, What My Father's Early Departure Taught Me About Business. The only problem was Ranadive had never even touched a basketball. These were 12-year-old girls with enough emotional growing pain in their lives. I didn't know what to do. Speed, working together, the right attitude and thinking outside the box all can yield positive results no matter what business you’re in. Several years ago I took on the challenge of coaching my daughter’s middle school basketball team. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a marine science degree in 2013. So when Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and hedge fund magnate Chris Hansen wanted to buy another California NBA team, the Sacramento Kings, and move it to Seattle, the "the mayor called me" he said. This is the case in business, as well. Rather than tell them how I thought the game should be played, I had to appeal to reason. When Vivek Ranadive decided to coach his daughter Anjali's basketball team, he settled on two principles. The challenge was how to leverage all the players in a way that would lead to victory. They won all their games and went to the championship. Typically, this goes uncontested. Ranadive notice Notice if there are any unique trends in how your competitors are operating. First tryst with basketball. And when you tweet that you had cold pizza, I know that.". They couldn’t shoot. He is known to be a very good father to his children such that at one time, he accepted to be a coach at a basketball team that his daughter was playing although he was not a basketball player just to encourage his daughter. Take advantage of that data to figure out what they want, when they want it, how they want it, and act on that in real time. In Basketball, Skills Aren’t Everything. Vivek Ranadivé:: No. If you redefine the business as a social network, capture it, find ways to expand it, then you can always find ways to monetize it. RANADIVE'S RELATIONSHIP TO basketball has never been conventional. We had to think more strategically and find unorthodox approaches to the game. They didn’t need convincing to become fans. He’d never played it and hadn’t actually touched a basketball before. Anderson Cooper: Your daughter's opponents, they just weren't used to playing basketball like this. They played "full-court press" and blocked passes, double-teamed the best players and blocked inbound balls. Be a low-latency business. Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive returns home to Mumbai, India, to play the Indiana Pacers in NBA exhibition games. How David Beats Goliath When underdogs break the rules. Speed Wins. He believes in data. The problem was I had never even touched a basketball. Several years ago I took on the challenge of coaching my daughter’s middle school basketball team. "I'm a single dad. To execute a real, full-court press, my girls had to be fitter, faster and more aggressive than the competition. This is true at my company, as well. Companies can turn customers into fans by finding better and more personal ways to engage with them. He had missed the draft pick so his team was composed of the least experienced girls not picked by other dads/coaches. Kings owner Vivek Ranadive's plans for basketball's growth in India include preseason games in Mumbai, Delhi and a practice in front of the Taj Mahal, in addition to grassroots-level programs. It’s these companies that are more likely to turn customers into longtime, loyal fans that drive future revenue. It all came together as a symphony but it wasn’t the structured music of a marching band like the other teams. "I'm a single dad. Enterprises should be doing the same. Together they were blessed with three children, namely; Aneel, Andre, and Anjali. These were girls who spent their time solving math problems and dreaming of becoming marine biologists, not playing sports. He ran the app on Tibco's network, a huge realtime business-to-business network used by banks, insurance companies, hospitals, and airlines to send messages. Sunil Gavaskar was my idol. Vivek Ranadive, the founder and CEO of Palo Alto’s Tibco Software, once famously coached his daughter’s basketball team from Redwood City … But before all that, he had to face a crew of expectant 12-year-old girls on the first day of practice. We had a cheer that was all about the attitude, with a little humor – “1,2,3, attitude, ha!”, Related: What the NFL Taught Me About Being a Motivated Entrepreneur. Now he's 100% confident that big data will also turn that investment into a gold mine. That experience led to me falling in love with the sport. My girls contested the inbounder, disrupting the rhythm of the game. Mr. Ranadive was asked a series of questions and … The tech CEO decided to use his lack of knowledge as an advantage to think outside the box. Lacking much skill, but we had to disrupt that flow. He would also create a whole new big-data, mathematical method to make money as an owner. They actually perform better. Over the last century, however, enterprises have evolved a more jazz band-like environment, embracing ambiguity, risk and adventure. Growing up in Mumbai, I was a huge cricket fan. No, in fact—the coaches were not used to playing that way. IE 11 is not supported. Businesses, however, don’t have fans from the start and can no longer get away with purely a transactional relationship, not these days with so much competition from all directions. I converted the game with a math equation and came up with a way to win every single game," he says. It let fans buy tickets and gear, but it also encouraged them to join a fan club, link it to their Twitter/Facebook accounts. By taking the unconventional approach, we were able to catch our opponents off-guard, which gave us the advantage. He faced difficulty in his education as the Indian government refused to give foreign currency for him to attend ed… I had to take a number of morale-improving steps to show them that I believed in them and our strategy. Those other dads were "7-foot tall, ex-Stanford players," Ranadive recalls. He discovered basketball was a math problem. Rich countries, poor countries - you don't need a lot of space like you do with cricket or soccer." We analyzed our opponents’ weaknesses and found most teams, immediately after scoring, retreat to defend their basket, giving their opponent the opportunity to inbound the ball to their teammate without pressure and execute a well-practiced play with precision. Taus Rizvi is all ears I let them name our plays. He had to sell his stake in the Warriors, and beat down a competing bid from Larry Ellison, but his investment team prevailed and bought the Kings for a new record of $550 million, he said. I wanted to spend more time with her, and the team was without a … Just as there’s no reason our team should wait until the other team gets to our end of the court to start defending, there’s no value in receiving data that could increase a company’s sales a month after the event. I made them run the whole first day and then I went and studied the game.". So he volunteered to coach her 7th grade youth basketball team. Overtime. Enterprises should be taking an offensive stance and act on events in real time. (Ron Burkle was initially part of the Kings bid, but backed out in April.). Gladwell introduces Vivek Ranadivé, an Indian immigrant to the United States who lives in Silicon Valley and works for a software company. Work like a jazz band. by Malcolm Gladwell May 11, 2009 A non-stop full-court press gives weak basketball teams a chance against far stronger teams. I wanted to create a fun environment where the girls were motivated to work harder and smarter by the prospect of success, not by the threat of negativity. And we won, a lot. David vs. Goliath. Ranadivé has also spoken various times of how his Indian heritage has shaped him. With Control4's Hot IPO, Cisco Turned $20 Million Into $40 Million, Greylock's Jerry Chen Wants To Become The Godfather Of A New VMware 'Mafia', Pennsylvania Kills An IBM Contract That's 3 Years Late And $60 Million Over Budget, EU sees carbon border levy as 'matter of survival' for industry, Oaktree, BlackRock Are Among YPF Creditors Organizing, Venezuela reopens flights to Panama and Dominican Republic, TC Energy shares fall on fears of KXL oil pipeline cancellation, Israel sharing COVID-19 data with Pfizer to help fine-tune vaccine rollout. Why they are working? He has not played the game, but has the acumen as he coached his daughter Anjali’s U.S. school team to the state title. We played the game at a much higher and inexhaustible speed than anyone else, giving us a huge advantage over our bigger, stronger and more skilled competition. Hire smart people, give them the freedom to improvise and innovate, take advantage of their unique strengths. They weren’t tall or well coordinated. We went from last place to first place in new ticket sales. Whether you’re a CEO or a coach, there are a number of principles that apply to winning. “Muskrat” and “Bubbles” were two of our favorites. Like most Indian-Americans of his generation, 55-year-old Ranadive is a big cricket fan and had never really played basketball — till he had to coach his daughter Anjali and her basketball team of 12-year-old girls for the National Junior Basketball championship or … Basketball was a math problem, and that was something the girls could understand. He never coached a girl’s basketball team, did not understand the game, and never even played the game before. Rather than read off sheet music and march to the same beat, our team created its own sound, its own game. Conventions are made to be challenged. Many years later, when I was living in the USA, I was called to coach my then 12-year-old daughter's basketball team, despite me having never touched a basketball before that. “When Vivek Ranadive decided to coach his daughter Anjali’s basketball team., he settled on two principles. They were underdogs but we turned that to our advantage. As a coach, I looked at the data on the court - the shot clock, the number of inbound passes, spatial geometry, shots made, the speed of our team vs. the others, etc. The Mumbai native grew up playing soccer and cricket on the sands of Juhu Beach but ultimately became enchanted with basketball years after becoming a wealthy tech innovator in Silicon Valley. They can't rely on size and strength. This was not your conventional winning team. Since his girls didn't have the skills to compete by traditional methods, his formula was to have them grab possession of the ball as much as possible. One time a fan tweeted about getting cold pizza, and the system promptly sent the guy info on how to get a free hot dog, Ranadive told us. The typical rhythm of a basketball game goes like this: after a player scores, the other team has five seconds to inbound the ball. I wanted to spend more time with her, and the team was without a coach. SACRAMENTO, CA - APRIL 2: Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadive and his daughter, Anjali Ranadive, entertain the fans during halftime of the Los Angeles Lakers against the Sacramento Kingsat Sleep Train Arena on April 2, 2014 in Sacramento, California. To actually see positive outcomes, businesses need to continuously process and analyze fast data in real time and take instant action. By Vivek Ranadivé. The first was that […] Her father, "I'm a math guy, a big data guy.

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