Thus, there are only certain mods that work with SWLU. He links to the original mod in the link you provided. XRM has the vanilla feel to it and LU has the completly different feel to it. - The Phanon Corporation, a rival company to the player that will purchase assets, make money, and harass the player. - Clone Commando (gamestart) marines now start with their combat skill at 4-5 stars. The guy who makes PSCO1's Cockpit Mod is the same guy who made that mod. Each are best in what they offer. AL lib: (EE) AddFileEntry: Invalid header in /usr/share/openal/hrtf/default-48000.mhr: "MinPHR02" I've been unsuccessfully trying to install several of Lucike's mods but seem to be doing something wrong. This makes pirate encounters more interesting. - SWLU The Clone Wars: Original map (completely different from GIC) focusing on the Clone Wars era with large Republic and CIS territories throughout the map. More information on the official wiki:, Some key takeaways of LU are:- Many new automation systems for freighters. - "Mothership Mod": This mod allows you to use any capital ship as a mobile shipyard. Created by Argonaut0201 (aka Rice Vessel). - Countless other quality-of-life adjustments, such as SETA not disengaging when you move the mouse or navigate menus. Also the game has many new futures. I know a lot of people don't like this, so there is a patch to restore the vanilla combat balance on the SWLU discord. Yes, this means you can repair while in SETA. Im not sure if im the only one but i really enjoy playing the game with a controller, so when i loaded up this for the first time i expected the controls to be the same, but alas they arent, does anyone know a quick way of making a controller usable for this mod or am i better off just learning to use Mouse and Keyboard. We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available. LU, Litcube's Universe is a complete overhaul. There are 21 gamestarts in total, allowing you to play how you want. SWLU is a mod for X3AP Litcube's Universe 1.7.2 built from the ground-up using ship assets from Mikhail Skatchkav's Star Wars Reborn Mod for X3AP. It's up to you to put them in their place. All scripts, code, and written modifications were written by myself (I modified all scenes, some models, but the credit for the models goes to the artist). All scripts, code, and written modifications were written by myself (I modified all scenes, some models, but the credit for the models goes to the artist). Alternate GUI Samples. - SWLU Edition of Improved Races 2: Makes the factions fight over territory and conquer sectors. Install the soundtrack to your new clean install main folder (i.e. AL lib: (EE) AddFileEntry: Invalid header in /usr/share/openal/hrtf/default-48000.mhr: "MinPHR02" Update: Added a command for repair ships to auto repair all ships in a sector. It is generally a little easier than SWLU. I know exactly what they are saying. All-new game starts too. Thank you for joining us Lo2k. Download the base mod from the downloads page. Created: 26-02-2012 Version: Author: eMYNOCK ... Litcube's Saturn Complex Hub. If I remember correctly, it has a lot of compatibility issues with post 1.0 releases, but I could just be making that up, I have bad memory. It has its own map that resembles the star wars galaxy and is set in the Galactic Civil War. [size=24]Litcube's Universe Gold UI HUD[/size] My all-time favorite HUD design is TrixX's X-Universe Gold UI for TC/AP, which I have modified with some of my own tweaks for my game.I missed having it in LU, so I have ported it over, and I figured, after checking with TrixX, I might as well share it with y'all in case any of you like it too. For people who think X3AP is old and dead, just play X3 Litube Universe. With the permission of the original authors, I have repackaged a couple mods for easy use in LU, replacing the globs with ringless gates and colorful variants of the gate horizon. - Added civilians, traders to the Yaki and beefed up their economy. C:\X3). Mayhem adds a research system, the ability to conquer sectors for both you and the AI empires, more advanced diplomacy for you and the AI.

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